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Geomorphic and Ecological Fundamentals for River and Stream Restoration
12-16 Aug 2019, Truckee, California USA

This five-day introductory course emphasizes understanding geomorphic and ecological process as a sound basis for planning and designing river restoration, covering general principles and case studies from a wide range of environments, and includes field measurements, mapping, interpretation, field trips to the Truckee River and streams in the Lake Tahoe Basin, and workshops on stream restoration problems faced by participants. Now in its 25th successful year, the course is held at Sagehen Creek Field Station, combining a beautiful natural setting with excellent research and facilities, such as an outdoor classroom, stream table to demonstrate channel adjustments, on-site laboratory, and Sagehen Creek, with its rich history of research in fluvial geomorphology and ecology. Instructors drawn from multiple disciplines, from both research and practice.

Sediment Transport in Stream Assessment and Design
29 July - 2 Aug 2019, Logan, Utah USA

This course is intended for those who wish to understand and apply the principles of sediment transport to alluvial channel assessment and design. Principles of open channel flow and sediment transport are combined with watershed-scale, hydrologic and sediment source analysis to place channel assessment and design in the appropriate context. Tools for estimating sediment supply at the watershed to reach level are applied in class exercises. The course balances advance reading, lecture, field work, and hands-on exercises for estimating sediment supply, calculating sediment transport rates, and forecasting channel response to water and sediment supply. This course builds upon the principles of river geomorphology taught in the Sagehen course; its lead instructor (Peter Wilcock) is co-instructor of the Sagehen course.

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The Spring 2019 issue of Nevada Water News, the quarterly newsletter for the Nevada Water Resources Research Institute (NWRRI), is now available on the NWRRI website. Inside you will find articles on the water resources research being conducted in Nevada, as well as the principal investigators and students conducting the research.

Carson Water Subconservancy District - Request for Qualifications

CWSD is conducting a competitive ONE-STEP process to retain up to eight (8) consultants to provide professional civil engineering services for FEMA flood risk mapping, assessment, and planning (Risk MAP) studies which includes but not limited to, research, analysis, conceptual planning and design, strategic development, FEMA flood mapping studies, FEMA Hazard Mitigation studies, CLOMR/LOMA/LOMR development, and Area Drainage Master Plans.

CWSD invites interested firms to submit written Statements of Qualifications (SOQ) relating to this solicitation. A Screening Committee will evaluate firms’ qualifications and experience with similar projects. The firms determined to be best qualified will then be invited to enter into negotiations with CWSD for an on-call fixed fee or time and material contracts for each individual project.

Click here for more information and full RFQ

Please direct questions to Ed James at or (775) 887-7456

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Carson River Watershed - Online Interactive Map

We are pleased to announce that the Carson River Watershed Online Interactive Map and its Spanish version are now finished!

River Talks

Take a one hour virtual tour of the Truckee River Watershed Council's programs and projects. Multiple tours are available. Learn why the watershed is important and meet new friends along the way. Contact Brenda for dates and locations.

NEW RFP ~ Second Martis Wildlife Area RFP

TRWC has released a second RFP for our Martis Wildlife Area Restoration project. See our website for information on this and other RFPs.

THE CARSON WATER SUBCONSERVANCY DISTRICT (CWSD) is pleased to announce the selection of Lynn Zonge to receive the 2019 Andy Aldax Carson River Watershed Award for Exemplary Service in Conservation and Protection of the Carson River Watershed.  

One of her most noted projects was the Carson River Aquatic Trail.  She was instrumental in introducing and mapping this wild and undeveloped section of the Carson River which has become one the best river runs in Nevada.  


The Truckee River Watershed Council has released a new RFP for a Restoration Project Communication Strategy, Plan and Messaging. See our website for more information about this and other RFPs.

The Truckee River Watershed Council has released an RFP for the design of the Lacey Meadows Restoration HERE. More information about this and other RFPs can be found on their website.

Save the Date!


2019 Carson River Watershed Forum - POSTPONED 

Due to unforeseen circumstances the 2019 Carson River Watershed Forum has been postponed until the Fall!

River-Friendly Landscaping

Homeowners!  Snow is finally melting. You may be noticing more erosion off your yard than typical. We can help! RFL is a free and voluntary program! Reduce erosion while helping to protect our environment. Our rebate program can help with the cost of labor and materials. Contact Eben forRiver-Friendly Landscaping HERE.

Header photo by LEO DROZDOFF

Friends of NWRA

Providing land surveying, consulting, and water right surveying throughout Nevada. For more information please call (702) 212-3967 or email

Providing land surveying, consulting, and water right surveying throughout Nevada. For more information please call (702) 212-3967 or email


2019 NWRA Organization Memberships

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Friends of NWRA Advertising Page

The cost for the ad will be $250 per year.  The ad price includes one monthly update to your ad space, if you have information in the ad you would like to change or update. Your ad will include a heading with your business logo or name (linked to website designated by you), company information and 2 lines of additional text, approximately 630 by 90 pixels in size.

CWSD's Video Series Debut:
Conserving the Carson River Floodplain as a Community Asset

Carson Water Subconservancy District is delighted to debut this new video series underscoring the importance of conserving the Carson River Floodplain.  Please pass them on!

Click links below to view these four videos:
Public Service Announcement (PSA) - Conserving the Carson River Floodplain as a Community Asset 
Agriculture’s a Good Fit for Conserving the Carson River Floodplain as a Community Asset
A Case for Developers to Conserve the Carson River Floodplain as a Community Asset
Our Officials in Conserving the Carson River Floodplain as a Community Asset

These videos are intended to increase flood awareness, reduce flood hazards, and spur actions to conserve the Carson River Floodplain. These videos meet the goal identified in 2003 and reaffirmed in 2012 by the Carson River Coalition: “Protect the floodplain from future development. Once the floodplain and especially the river’s meander belt corridor are impacted by development, the river loses the ability to reestablish its natural functions.  Agricultural fields near the channel are critical for floodwater attenuation, ground water recharge, non-point source pollution buffering and providing habitat for wildlife.”

Thanks to Carson River Coalition for their input and review. Thank you to John Cobourn and Steve Lewis for their lifetime of work to conserve the Carson River Floodplain. Thank you to CWSD staff - Ed James, Toni Leffler, Brenda Hunt, and Shane Fryer - for letting me grow in a project management role and generously sharing their expertise to write, edit, and produce this video series. We appreciate Tom Strekel's voiceover talent and the time taken to make special appearances in the videos by Rob Holley, Lynn Zonge, Gavin Feiger, Aly Cheney, and Krissie Thornhill with Sapphire and Hunter. 

It was a pleasure to work with Orangetree Productions to create this FEMA funded video series.