Nevada Water Resources Association

2018 Lifetime Achievement Award

Paul M. Pettit

Nevada Water Resources Association takes great pleasure in awarding its 2018 Lifetime Achievement Award to Paul Pettit. The Association presents this award in recognition of Paul's extraordinary commitment and passion to hydrogeology and water management in Nevada. Paul has been one of the pioneers in mine water management in Nevada, a state whose mining industry is an asset to the country and the world.

We present this award for your management, mentorship, and inspiration. You have always approached water management with a respect for the resource to the mutual benefit of the mining industry and the community.

Congratulations on this lifetime achievement award.


"Thank you and the Board of Directors for this 2018 membership of the NWRA.  The Lifetime Achievement Award from the NWRA means a great deal to me.  I hold the NWRA and its members in the highest esteem which makes the award all the more important to me. It is truly an honor."

With regards,
Paul Pettit

2020 Lifetime Achievement Award Nomination Form

2020 Lifetime Achievement Award Criteria

The deadline for submissions is Friday, November 29, 2019.

NWRA Lifetime Achievement Award Past Winner in the Spotlight

Janet R. Phillips

Past Award Winners

Nevada Water Resources Association's Lifetime Achievement Award candidates must have contributed a significant portion of their career to Nevada's water resources.  It would be preferred that the candidate is either a member of NWRA during their career, or participated in NWRA events, but it is not a requirement.  The candidate can be retired from a water resources career, and can be working in another position/occupation after their retirement from a lifetime career in the field of water resources.  This is not a posthumous award.