Student Spotlight

Meghan-Riley Johnson

Ms. Meghan-Riley Johnson is the Nevada Water Resources Association’s UNLV Student Representative.  She is an undergraduate student in the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. 

Currently, Ms. Johnson is a junior seeking her undergraduate degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering at UNLV. She also has an internship with Stantec (formerly MWH Global) and has plans to enter the water resource field.

“I was first exposed to NWRA at my internship. I work closely with Charles Kajkowski, and during last year’s annual conference, I was tasked with creating the posters and name tags for the event. From then on, I began researching what NWRA is and what they do.”

Ms. Johnson says, “NWRA has helped me with networking with other professionals in my field, which has exposed me to different career paths and options. NWRA has also provided me with the most up to date information on water usage, treatment, and technology being implemented in Nevada.” 

“The best way for students to take advantage of NWRA’s opportunities is to participate in the events, such as Career Shadow day and the annual poster competition. These events will help connect students with professionals and experience what it’s like to work in the field of water.” 

According to Ms. Johnson, the more students who get involved in NWRA, the stronger the branch gets.  She tells other students, “Don’t be afraid to reach out and ask questions!” 

As the NWRA Student Representative, she would like the organization to, “Invest more time on campus (UNLV). Most students, especially undergraduates, are not aware of NWRA. By having more professionals visit campus and educate students, students could take better advantage of the resources NWRA has to offer.”

Header photo by LEO DROZDOFF