Student Spotlight


Christine Albano

Nevada Water Resources Association is pleased to introduce its members to a Graduate Research Assistant with the Desert Research Institute, Ms. Christine Albano.  

Ms. Albano is currently getting her Ph.D. at the University of Nevada, Reno.  Prior to her time in Reno, Ms. Albano received her MS in Ecology from Colorado State, Fort Collins, Colorado and her BS in Biology from Westminster College, Salt Lake City, Utah. 

After being recruited by a fellow student, Ms. Albano has been involved with NWRA for the past year.  She feels like NWRA can help her by offering training and educational opportunities, networking opportunities, and opportunities to present research and receive scholarships. 

“Students should especially take advantage of opportunities to meet and network with professionals in the field through NWRA.  It provides useful insights for making your work practical and helps make professional connections that will be useful in your career.”

Ms. Albano would like to see NWRA offer more skill-development workshops or trainings for students who are going into consulting.  She believes that students would benefit from these. 

Other students should take advantage of NWRA by, “attending events, field trips, training opportunities, and applying for scholarships!”