Nevada Water Resources Association

2017 Lifetime Achievement Award

Awarded to
Janet R. Phillips

The Nevada Water Resources Association takes great pleasure in awarding its 2017 Lifetime Achievement Award to Janet Phillips. The Association presents this award in recognition of Janet's extraordinary commitment and passion in seeking to optimize and improve upon the uses of the Truckee River system and its related ecosystems to the betterment of the thousands of users of the Truckee River, from its head waters at Lake Tahoe in Tahoe City, California to its terminus in Pyramid Lake, Nevada. To the many residences in the greater Reno/Sparks region the majority of her labors have been performed in obscurity with little recognition for her work, but to her peers, fellow professionals, and members of this Association, her many successes and rewards accomplished through labors are very visible and appreciated.

It is because of your extraordinary commitment and tireless service in water resource management for the many users in the greater Reno/Sparks region, and for your contributions to collaborative water solutions throughout the western Nevada that we present this award in recognition of your tremendous efforts to better resource management of the Truckee River and the lives of so many people have and will benefit from your labors.

Congratulations on this lifetime achievement award.

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Past Award Winners

Nevada Water Resources Association's Lifetime Achievement Award candidates must have contributed a significant portion of their career to Nevada's water resources.  It would be preferred that the candidate is either a member of NWRA during their career, or participated in NWRA events, but it is not a requirement.  The candidate can be retired from a water resources career, and can be working in another position/occupation after their retirement from a lifetime career in the field of water resources.  This is not a posthumous award.


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