Student Spotlight

William Boyer

Nevada Water Resources Association would like to introduce its members to our Student of the Month, William Boyer.  Mr. Boyer is a Graduate Student at the University of Nevada, Reno in the Graduate Program of Hydrologic Sciences. 

Mr. Boyer received a B.S. in Geological Engineering in 2012 from the Colorado School of Mines.  He worked in an open pit mine from 2012-2013 and worked with Friends of Nevada Wilderness from 2013-2016.

Mr. Boyer became involved with NWRA through the UNR colloquium speaker series, and the encouragement of various great individuals.  He received 4th place in the 2017 NWRA Conference Student Poster Competition and 1st place (with full bragging rights) in the 2017 Tuscany Tower Stairclimb.

“NWRA has been extremely helpful in connecting me with professionals, and offering opportunities to see into the various Hydrology related career paths Nevada has to offer.  Several substantial scholarship opportunities are also present, and could be very helpful to financial security for my education path.”

According to Boyer, “There are a number of available opportunities for students to jump on, but it’s really up to the individual to get something out of these.  The best way is to simply get involved and participate in the available events, prepare yourself to converse and network, and try to make friends with professionals and other students.  Do your best to be enthusiastic and simply express your own goals, interests, and aspirations.  The tools and people are here to help students out, but it’s up to the students to get involved and make something of it.”

Boyer wants students to have fun with it, and be yourself!  Meet people who share similar interests, and connect with people who can help guide you and your career.  And definitely apply for the available scholarships.  “Who doesn't like free money?!”

“Keep doing what you're doing!” Boyer advises the NWRA Board of Directors.  “You are all an incredible resource for us students, and it’s obvious that you care about our involvement, as well as raising continual student interest.  Most of all, thank you for being helpful and welcoming.  Sometimes it’s intimidating to begin connecting with people that you don't know, who are the big professionals that you look up to.  Thanks for the help and push in the right direction, it’s very encouraging.”