Student Spotlight


Harshad Oswal

Mr. Harshad Oswal is NWRA’s Student in the Spotlight.  He is a Graduate Research Assistant at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas and the Desert Research Institute.

Mr. Oswal earned a M.S in Environmental Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta prior to coming to Las Vegas.  As a graduate student with an interest in water domain, he was interested in getting involved with NWRA. “Through Dr. Kumud Acharya (DRI), I came to know more about the organization.”

“NWRA provides an excellent platform for networking with top professionals in water resource domain. The workshops conducted by NWRA also are very informative.”

According to Mr. Oswal, students can take advantage of the opportunities offered through NWRA, “By active participation in poster competitions, workshops and meetings, current students can learn about new trends in science and ongoing research. It also helps them to meet professionals who are experts in their domain.”

If Mr. Oswal could give NWRA and the Board of Directors advice, he would say that, “For UNLV students, the focus is not directly on water resources. If NWRA can come across as a more broad organization (Water Resource + Environmental + Civil) it might encourage more students to participate.”


Header photo by LEO DROZDOFF