Student Spotlight


Nathan Chellman

The Nevada Water Resources Association is pleased to introduce Mr. Nathan Chellman to its members as our “Student Spotlight of the Month”. 

Mr. Chellman is a Ph.D. Student and Graduate Research Assistant at the University of Nevada, Reno in the Graduate Program of Hydrologic Science.  He has a MS in Hydrology, UNR Graduate Program of Hydrologic Science, 2016 and a ScB in Geology-Biology, Brown University, 2012. 

As a Student Poster Presenter at the 2017 NWRA Annual Conference, Mr. Chellman received 1st Place for his work.  He has also attended the NWRA/UNR Dinner Forum.  “Through workshops, field trips, and the Annual Conference, NWRA provides ample opportunities to learn about Nevada water resources and management.  These NWRA events are great ways to get practical, hands-on experience with Nevada water issues as well as interact with professionals and experts who deal with these issues every day and learn about potential hydrology career paths.” 

“NWRA offers a significant discount to students for all their events, so check the NWRA website for cool workshops and tours.  Also, sometimes there are even free sponsored student tickets up for grabs, so keep an eye out for emails from your NWRA student reps!”

Additionally, Mr. Chellman tells students, “If you can, get to the Annual Conference to network with Nevada hydrology professionals and present your research in the poster competition or participate in the job shadow event in the spring.  The NWRA events are great ways to learn about Nevada water issues that aren’t taught in most university courses.  If funding is limited for your research, definitely apply for the NWRA scholarships that are offered each year.”

When asked, Mr. Chellman also has some advice for the NWRA Board of Directors.  “The Student Luncheon at the 2017 Conference was a great way to foster student-professional interactions, so I hope to see a similar event at next year’s conference.  At the student poster competition, judges could provide some feedback to poster presenters to help them improve their poster design and presentation.”

“Even if you aren’t sure if you want a career in Nevada after you finish grad school, still try to come to some of the NWRA events.  You will learn a ton and make connections that could help you get a job outside of Nevada.  If your project is related to Nevada, consider submitting a chapter of your thesis or dissertation to the Journal of NWRA.”