2019 Annual NWRA Career Shadow Event



•Expose students to a “day-on-the-job”

•Increase interaction between student and professional members

•Assist students in establishing professional connections

•Provide students with hands-on experience



NWRA’s Job Shadow Event is a student-run event that provides graduate and undergraduate students with an opportunity to shadow NWRA professional members at their respective jobs. Students in Nevada who are interested in diverse careers in water will be paired with local water-industry professionals to experience part of a day-on-the-job. Student-professional pairings will be based on area of interest. Students will meet the professional on location on a coordinated date and shadow the individual as they perform daily responsibilities for a portion of the day.

NWRA’s professional members consist of water managers, policy makers, environmental representatives, federal and state agencies, private consultants, mining and engineering professionals, and more!

March, 2019